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Just some very few things I propose ...

Item Fee
1. Bar Codes for HP-41C Wand
Includes HP-41C Character Set, HP-41C & CX Specific Functions, Extended Functions, Time Module, Printer, Card Reader, Wand & HP-IL Module (Mass Storage & Interface Control) and more ... !
4.50 Euro
2. HP-IL Module, Owner's Manual & Quick Reference Card 4.50 Euro only !
3. Full Package (All bar codes and HP-IL manuals) 8.00 Euro
4. Four Type N NiMH batteries (For HP-41, HP-28, ...) * OUT OF STOCK * (and no plan to rebuild!) 16.50 Euro
5. Four NiMH replacement batteries for HP 82120A Battery Pac (For HP-41) * OUT OF STOCK * (and no plan to rebuild!) 16.50 Euro
... and How to Buy if Interested

Almost for free !

Some of those are from time to time proposed on eBay.

My purpose here is not really to "make money off", but to recover some euros for the time I spent doing this, and get some cents to buy new/old HP calculator items.

» See also HP-41C related topics : Programming Environment, RPN calculator, tools, links ...

For HP re-formatted items (HP-IL manual and reference card), please read first this Disclaimer page (actually, second page I've inserted in Owner's manual).

Personnaly, I use rechargeable N Size batteries (working with an additionnal set to have always one loaded / ready to use) in normal situation, at work, ... for daily use, as they last longer and are more powerfull. But on the other hand, as you can reload the battery pac while using it, the battery pas is then useful when you're running programs for hours (or days !), or when working with Wand, Card Reader intensively, ...

So each approche, N size batteries versus Battery Pac, has its pros and cons. Up to you.

Interested ?

If you want to get one (or more) of the above, here how to proceed :
  1. Send a very small e-mail to pierrehardy01@yahoo.be, with "e-Order :<Document Ref.>" in Subject field. You should also mention how you want to conclude the deal : either directly or through eBay.
    Direct or eBay deal ?
    • eBay : You should opt for eBay if (1) you come to this page from an eBay article description (this to be in line with eBay rules), or (2) you feel more comfortable if the transaction is closed under eBay umbrella. In this case, I'll re-submit it on eBay for two days only (starting bid price will be uplifted by corresponding eBay costs : 0.10 Euro for bid less than 2 Euros; 0.30 Euro if < 10 Euro). To save costs, think about combined purchases.
    • Direct : If you want a faster (and cheaper) deal.
  2. Wait for an answer before paying (so you'll know if I'm not on holiday or what ever, ...)
  3. Pay as explained below
  4. Upon payment reception, I'll answer your mail with requested file attached, in PDF format.
Not too complex ?

Want a printed copy ? .. Laser printing on good paper, 0.25 EURO per page (at the corner copy shop) plus shipping costs. Just ask me.

If you already ordered some bar codes, you can ask for the complement with some discount or for free.

Accepted payments:

 Pierre Hardy.

e-mail : pierrehardy01@yahoo.be
(8 - 20/12/2019)      ¤     
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