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IPv4 Calculator

Operations on IPv4 addresses, like subnet, broadcast addresses calculation, number of IP addresses, next/previous subnet, test if two hosts addresses are on same subnet, match a test against a wildmask, ... For free, for IP minded people !

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OK, this has nothing to see with HP calculator, not even RPN ! But thinking twice, it is well RPN as you have to enter operands (Host IP addresses, mask, ...) before doing any operation on them ! Yes, I know, I could as well make it part of my RPN calculator

What does it make here then ? Well, first, working in Telecom area, I find it usefull and didn't found a similar one on Internet. Second, being professor as "evening job", I've asked my students to programm it, as exercice of the "Procedural Programming Techniques" course (in a telecom oriented cursus). So why not publish it, if it can help ?

So here is the first version of it, as is, in case you also find it usefull.


The ZIP file just contains the program file, and if you cannot download, shout for help.

You can also directly test or use it pressing the "Run IP Calc" button.

If you want to run it with a single click :

Installation instructions

Nothing to install, just copy the .EXE files, or unzip package to where you want. The following only reminds (because everyone already knows this, of course !) how to associate an icon to it.

Here a quick tip, based on Windows 2000 (similar procedure under other Windows versions) :

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IP Calculator : User's Guide


          Author : Pierre HARDY
          Date :   December 2014

     Copyright (c) Pierre Hardy, 2014. All rights reserved.
     The program and this document may be freely used and distributed.
     E-mail author at: pierrehardy01@yahoo.be
     Web site : http://id-phy.orgfree.com/

Sorry to disappoint, but there is no true user guide, just the quick help :

 IP V4 Calculator :

Enter one of the following command :
 ? : This Help message
 q , [ESC] : Quit
 h <IP address> [<mask>] : Enter IP address of Host, and optionally the Mask
 H <IP address> [<mask>] : Enter IP address of Host2, and optionally the Mask
 m <mask> : Enter Mask in IP address (255.xxx.xxx.xxx) or CIDR (/nn) format
 w <Wildmask> [i!~ +| *& /^ -] : Enter Wildmask, in IP, /nn or :nn format
           /nn set first nn bits to '0', lasts  to '1' (inverse of /nn mask)
           :nn set last  nn bits to '1', firsts to '0'
       Optional binary operations, with previous Wildmask as first operand :
               i,!,~ : NOT (Invert input);
               +,| : OR; *,& : AND; /,^ : XOR; - : minus (set marked bits to 0)
 = Test if Host and Host2 are on same subnet
 * Test if Host match (Host2, Wildmask) criteria
 < Decrease mask (decrease mask length)
 > Increase mask (increase mask length)
 + Next subnet (based on Host and Mask)
 - Previous subnet (based on Host and Mask)
 i Invert Mask and save as Wildmask
 n <nnn> : Enter number of IP addresses required, and compute closest Mask
 d Display more info : First & Last IP address, Broacast, Number of addresses
 c Display Class related info : Class, Network, Class mask, Class host

Hope it is self explanatory ... for someone who knows about IP addressing ... ;-)
Binary operations (options) applicable to the Wildmask are maybe less trivial, but the good trial & error method will do !
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To conclude ...

No worth thousand of words, just test then keep it if you like, or throw it away.

This program is "freeware", but if you download and test it, could you provide me some feedback. Suggestions are welcome, next is probably to make it an IPv6 calculator as well.
I'd like to know who uses it, so I could add you to the users list and inform you of new "releases". Take one minute to drop me an e-mail !

Pierre HARDY.
e-mail : pierrehardy01@yahoo.be

Copyright © Pierre Hardy, 2014. All rights reserved. The program and this document may be freely used and distributed.

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